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Start Small Dream Big

ECDA works with participating centers to design community service projects

International Conference for Early Childhood

Enhancing early childhood education in the digital era


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Tran Hoang Anh


Hanoi Academy

Preschool management software is an effective tool to help administrative tasks in the school become more convenient and effective. With the desire to find the best software to connect parents with a friendly interface, Hanoi Academy International Bilingual School has chosen LittleLives as a partner. This will not only support the school’s management, but it is also an effective way to maintain the relationship between parents & the school.


Ain Suraya Mior Azri


The children’s house @ Ara Damansara

Having nearly 30 staff in my centre certainly is a challenging task as the need to constantly monitor their work timings arises. However, with a similar check-in and check-out method like the children, I am able to monitor the teachers’ attendance with the Reports tab. Ultimately, the most important and often used feature in LittleLives by teachers and parents, is definitely the portfolio! The simplicity of uploading and sharing photos and videos with a flick of the finger is definitely a plus.


Moira Fonseca


Evangel Kindergarten

LittleLives has made our day-to-day processes and administrative duties much easier, more streamlined and time-effective. We have also gone paperless with our portfolios which is not only environmentally-friendly but cost-effective too! Parents are delighted to see detailed progressive reports of their child’s learning progress. With parents’ details in the system, we are able to broadcast messages or send individual messages to them with just a button’s click.


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