Software that runs your operations smoothly, connects you more closely with parents, and affords you more time with the children.

School Management System

Manage your entire school with one system seamlessly

Little Check In

Predict, manage, track, and boost enquiries and attendances

Little Family Room

For parents to tune into your child’s day, anywhere, anytime


Assess and evaluate your staff's performance on one platform

Choosing the right software isn’t easy. But LittleLives isn’t just software, we put your unique needs to the forefront.

5 Reasons

There are many alternative software options available, but LittleLives stands out

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From single centre to national chains. See how LittleLives is already helping schools of all sizes

About Us

LittleLives enables better schools, better teachers, better parents, and most importantly, better students

It's not about the children's learning. Get our resources for yourself, staff, and parents - all for free.


Community articles on early childhood development


Global community project to encourage preschools to showcase unique lesson plans

Start Small Dream Big

ECDA works with participating centers to design community service projects

International Conference for Early Childhood

Enhancing early childhood education in the digital era

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